Friday, January 22, 2010

You might be a Taoseno if . . . (continued)

You might be a Taoseno if . . .

  1. Shoveling snow off your flat-roofed, mud house is just part of winter. (That's me today, by the way, keeping the canales running. It's nearly a foot deep up there.)
  2. You remember when the viejitos (grab that Spanish-English dictionary again; except for Shelby) talked and napped in the plaza, while their wives shopped.
  3. You know that the viejitos now talk and nap at Walmart, `cause no one but tourists shops on the plaza anymore. Sigh.
  4. It's hard to make a quick shopping trip to Walmart because you have to stop to talk to so many people, whether you're related to them or not. That includes people who work at Walmart and people who are just shopping.
  5. You know when you're in Taos and when you're in El Prado.
  6. You know when you're in Arroyo Seco and when you're in Des Montes.
  7. You remember when everybody spoke like Larry Torres' column in the paper. (; click on the column on the left)
  8. You believe people when they tell you they hear "the hum." (
  9. You hear "the hum."
  10. You remember when Blueberry Hill was . . . Blueberry Hill. (Think Fats Domino. By the way, did you know that "Blueberry Hill" was written in 1940, 16 years before Fats recorded it, and was first recorded by Gene Autry? Our Blueberry Hill was christened in honor of Fats' 1956 version, for reasons we should not explore here -- google the lyrics and figure it out.)

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