Friday, January 22, 2010

You might be a Taoseno if . . . (continued, again)

You might be a Taoseno if . . .

You look at the cover of last summer's "Summer of Love" guide, published by the Taos News, and can identify one or more people riding on the bus. ( And you know from which commune the bus came.
I'm just sayin'.


  1. Does it make you a taoseno if you have a computer from 1998 in your office for work, a computer from 2003 in your guest bedroom for exercise videos, and a brand new laptop to blog on?

    Does it make you a taoseno if the United States, That large country that surounds the island of New Mexico, has had 6 presidential elections between the time you bought your wife's car and your truck?

    Does it make you a taoseno if you hang up the phone with the single word, buenobye

    Does it make you a taoseno if you can remember clearly getting food poisoning from Michaels, Orlandos, Guad Grill, Olgelvies, Outback Pizza, The Plaza Grill, and Mondo Culture, and you still can't figure out which one sounds good for dinner?

  2. El Taoseno responds:
    1. Yep.
    2. Actually, we inherited the car from your grandmother, remember? And there can't be 6 presidential elections in 20 years.
    3. ¡Orale! "Buenobye" is a classic norteno word, quate.
    4. ¡Ese! Now I'm hungry.

  3. I love my family.

    I'm just sayin'

    Does it make you a Taoseño if you remember only having four day's of school all winter - so you can ski the extra one? (Don't believe them, it wasn't because we were "green" early and conserving electricity...)

    Does it make you a Taoseño if your computer recognized the word Taoseño and doesn't even try to spell check it?

    OR How about being able to live all over the country and still be able to relate to your crazy family and miss home - even the possibility of food poisoning; because you got to eat some dang good posolê first?

  4. El Taoseno responds again:
    Back atcha, and
    1. It better, because that's how I remember it, too. And in my day, nobody gave a tinker's da_n about being green.
    2. You bet. Although Shelby's advice doesn't work for a MacBook, apparently, `cause I still can't find the tilde.
    3. I'd go get posole tonight if Mom's tummy could handle it and there wasn't so much snow on the road. HA HA!
    I'm just sayin'