Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Language on a downhill slide

I just learned, from a professional editor at my office, that it is now common practice to use the word "data" as a singular noun, rather than as the plural noun that it really is. I will try to maintain my purity in this situation, but apparently my editors will begin making changes in my professional writing.
I feel violated.


  1. Hooray! No more waiting a year to enjoy the musings of Jeff in Christmas letters. This is, I kid you not, the first blog I have ever "followed," and by followed, I mean clicked the button labeled "follow" and allowed my picture to be posted the the left of a smiling couple and just above the disembodied legs of some male model. Perhaps this shall also be the first blog I ever return to for a second visit?

  2. YEAH! There's my Shelby! Hey Shelby!
    The smiling couple are (is?) our old friends John and JoDee. We never hear a friggin' word from them, but we know they're out there. Somewhere. John is a remarkably intellectual guy, smarter than any 5 other people I know, who has gone all touchy-feely and experiential in his faith. JoDee is one of the loveliest persons you could ever hope to meet. Seriously. Oops, there I go again.
    The disembodied legs belong to what's his name, the post-modernist speller.