Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is this a good idea?

It is either the height of hubris or the depth of depravity to presume that ANYONE gives a hoot about what I have to say. However, I am a terrible journaler (is that a word?) and there are things I think about, so this thing, if it continues, serves a selfish purpose in that it allows me to "think out loud." I am what learning geeks call an auditory learner. For me, that means that I think best when I can hear myself think. If forced to think quietly -- in my head, as it were -- I am much more likely to let my thoughts wander off while I chase mental rabbits, rarely getting back to the point. This is the primary reason that, as anyone who knows me even a little knows, I talk to myself. Incessantly. And I answer myself (I am a fascinating conversationalist).
Now, having "said" all this (not out loud), I have to follow up by saying that, even when I talk to myself, I wander off chasing rabbits. Hmmm . . . Sometime back, I realized that I can think pretty well -- more focused -- if I write it down. Mostly, so far, that has helped me with professional stuff. But it seems possible that if it works in the professional arena, it might work with other stuff. So . . .
If it turns out that, in fact, I have nothing of any significance to say to anyone besides myself, however, then I'm out of here. Fast. My family, especially my children, know that I have to be dragged into new electronic pursuits. Heck, even as I write this on my new MacBook, I'm still trying to retire a PC from 1999 and another one from 2003. I might be one of the last five people in the world with a computer running on Windows 98. So, the idea of me having a blog seems pretty far-fetched, particularly to me. At this point, I have pretty darned little invested in this. Maybe that'll change.
Do not hope, in any case, that I will make regular or frequent posts. They'll come along as I think about stuff.


  1. I love it! I am for one, an eager reader of your rabbit trail thoughts! Perhaps some poetry would suffice as a "filler" for times that the words don't swiftly flow! Any new connection with you is readily accepted! And we are thankful!

    love you daddy! me

  2. heaven help us... I hope Al Gore put enough memory in this internet thing to hear your ramblings.. Nonetheless, I suppose I'll be caught wasting time trying to connect your dots in order to understand what your thoughts may or may not be about. :) Welcome!

  3. MILES - be NICE.... being that you abandoned your father to live in the Arkansas homeland, I think you should be nice enough to encourage his mental ramblings so that he has an outlet of sorts... after all, we gave up trying to get him to play golf....