Thursday, March 18, 2010

You might be a Taoseno if . . . (continued, again and again)

 You might be a Taoseno if the Police Blotter section of your local newspaper includes the following entries (and, yes, these are real):

"Caller reported that his trash was stolen." (Really, is that bad? It's TRASH.)

"Caller reported that her son was throwing snowballs at her and refused to go with her in the car." 

"Caller reported three dogs running at large together." 

"Caller reported that there were two people drinking in a car 'full of mud.'" (You are certainly a Taoseno if you understand what that means. Our road isn't paved, ese, and my truck is full of mud right now.)

"Caller reported that she was arrested on a DWI during a traffic stop." (I bet they already knew that back at the station.)

"Caller reported a man telling someone off and getting into a car. Officers found the man was not a criminal but 'just being rude.'"

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  1. After reading and rereading your headline about what your blog is "about" I'm afraid you've officially either chased a rabbit trail you can not recover from, or the things that really are rattling around in your head have more than enough room to continue their ping pong game.. perhaps writting down all of these things only prolongs your thoughts being unstable. I don't know, I think about this stuff.. :)