Sunday, February 28, 2010


Is this normal? My wife has this ability -- she KNOWS stuff. Stuff about her family. Mostly that stuff has to do with changes in personal circumstances. And those changes often -- although not always -- have to do with movement. For instance, say I'm out running errands, going to the post office, the grocery store, Walmart (I should have my paycheck direct deposited to Walmart). If she's not up when I leave the house, I leave a note saying where I'm going and when I left. I CANNOT TELL YOU  how many times I have been gone for a couple of hours, am finally heading home, turn onto the road to our home or into our driveway, and my cell phone rings. It's her, and her first question is, "Where are you?" I CANNOT TELL YOU how many times I have driven home from work in Santa Fe, turned onto our road or into our driveway, and gotten "the call."
Before our daughter and then our son went off to college, they went through the same thing. Frequently. Pull into the driveway and get "the call." When they were in college, one in Kentucky, the other in Arkansas, the same thing would happen. Maybe no phone call for a couple of days, Mom didn't know where they were or what they were doing, but as soon as they pulled into the campus or up to the dorm, they got "the call." "Where are you?"
Now they're both out of college, married, out on their own. Mom still knows stuff. Might not be when they pull into their driveways, but it will be other stuff. It's not always about movement, particularly with the kids. Something changes and Mom knows.
In our family we call it "Momdar." Like radar, she is always sending out signals, bouncing waves off the cosmos or something (ooh, that sound pretty New Agey, doesn't it?), and getting signals and waves bounced back. Then she knows stuff.
Is that normal? 


  1. I think we can not have a posting about Momdar without mentioning both college, WalMart, and when I got a (before the days of EVERYONE having a cell phone) call from the overhead speakers. "Meghann B. please come to guest services. Your Mother is on the phone for you."


    No. REEEeeeally.

    Let's not forget, I was
    1. 2,000 miles away from home. In Kentucky...
    2. Did not have a cell phone.
    3. Had not talked to her in several days.
    4. Was doing a quick run through of WalMart - in another town than the college!
    4. She STILL found me.
    5. HONEST truth!

    This is a normal not strange thing for my mother. She always knows things... IF we are sick, busy, tired, or overwhelmed - mom knows.

    I love my mum.

    Good thing I like to tell the truth.

  2. Mom says she loves you guys, and she's got your back.
    P.S., she says it's not her, it's God. God tells her stuff.
    Is that normal?